About us

EASYBUDDY is an application through which you can book any services from the menu at your home/ workspace or anywhere you want. With the help of trained and professional technician/staff, it promises to serve
its duty. This start-up has been launched on __________(date); aspiring to become an effective service provider. One can find services like pathology, appliance repair, sanitation, salon, mehndi artist, handmade crafter, event planning and many more.
EASYBUDDY anticipate to revolutionise the habit of people living in all kinds of areas. Initially, it is trying to win the hearts of Gwalior city but along with the time and success, it will soon reach out to the
people of rural areas as well.

How it works?

We bring the professionals and customers together through this application. With the easy navigation, any buddy can easily access the service they want. On the reasonable prices and discounts, it offers, people can
save their money for good. EASYBUDDY works for making things easier by providing services at the right place on the right time.
Always remember, Got a problem? EASYBUDDY!